Hey, it’s me. I’m happier in bad conditions with good people

than comfortable indoors. I like to have fun - if that’s your definition of fun. And the more people involved the better. I mix professionalism with a bit of reclaimed childhood. Sometimes you just have to stomp in the puddle to see what happens right? Or jump off that cliff. It’s a big world out there and it needs to be experienced.

I shoot what I love. That normally boils down to good people, adventurous moments, and beautiful things. Let me know if you have any of those. I might like to photograph them.

I started as a guide in the outdoor industry leading trips for all types of clients around the world. Through this I fell into photography and can’t stop now. Luckily there aren’t any side effects.

Please enjoy responsibly.

luke | B | hall

Adventure Lifestyle Photographer | Digi Tech